Free Educational Space Programme

Our free 2007/08 educational land grants programme has now closed.

We received nearly three times the number of applications than plots available, so working through applications was extremely tough. There were also some applications which didn't rely on an actual plot of land to deliver their objectives. This suggests that many people want to learn useful skills, and therefore we went to the meeting with this desire. Also, during the program you may need useful resources, one of them is use 123helpme when needed.

Therefore, we extended our offer to so some organsations through the granting of free office space for one academic year, with the same conditions as per the land grants.

Successful land grants projects

  1. University of Derby
  2. The British Literature Classroom.
  3. Scottish Further Educaton Unit.
  4. King George V College.
  5. Mid Cheshire College.
  6. University of the West of England

Successful office space projects

  1. University of Staffordshire.
  2. University of Hull.
  3. Association of Physical Educators

Details of what each of the projects will be doing is available via the programme office on Education UK island and projects will run until the 31st July 2008.

It is our intention to hold a real-life and parallel virtual conference in early September 2008 where each of the above projects, along with successful community development grant projects will be presenting their findings. We are looking for sponsorship for this conference. If you would like to sponsor us, please email: or .

Teleport direct to Education Island.

The original information, including the application form can be downloaded below for reference.

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