Welcome to Education UK Island

We must remember the challenges of time, technological development and involvement of cyberspace in all spheres of life require the creation and preparation of many resource centers with elite writings and programs.

"Second Life” (SL) is a “virtual world” – a 3D online space, totally created by its users. Within SL, you can do, create or become just about anything you can imagine. SL has its own currency (Linden Dollars) so residents can buy and sell content, buy services, own and develop land and build a real business entirely within Second Life.

Learners and Educators can work together from anywhere using the Second Life environment. Using SL as a supplement to traditional classroom environments provides new opportunities for enriching an existing curriculum. Educational organisations already using Second Life include universities, libraries, museums, national and local organisations.

Education UK is the name of our virtual island, which is being developed by a group of UK educational philanthropists [bought, paid for and resourced by our own money!]. Why is it called education UK island - because it's an island about education focussed on the UK educational community!!

The space is available to everyone, but our key focus is for UK educationalists from all sectors: schools, Post 16 - ACL, PCDL, FE, OLASS, HE, WBL, VCS, Cultural etc to participate in the development of the island as a learning environment, as a play and practice area for educators and as a collaborative space for sharing experiences of learning and teaching in Second Life.

Target Audience

  • UK educationalists [Managers, practitioners, support staff, volunteers]
  • National or regional agencies, organisations and charities supporting the UK educational community.