Virtual Quests

In the mid 1990s, Bernie Dodge and colleagues from San Diego State University created the concept of a learning activity whereby most or all of the information used by the learner was obtained from the internet. They named this activity a WebQuest. Read more about this teaching method at best custom writing service so you can cover the researched field and follow the motives.

In April 2007, we have taken that same pedagogically sound concept that they can be used within virtual world environments, such as Second Life and coining the phrase - Virtual Quests.

About Virtual Quests

The use of Virtual Quests can provide a focused method of using Second Life to support learning and teaching and provides the learner and tutor with a framework for exploring and developing subject topics.

Creating a Virtual Quest should be a structured process. It should contain six stages under the following headings:

  • The Introduction
  • The Task
  • The Process
  • Resources
  • The Evaluation
  • The Conclusion

A seventh stage can be added called 'Support Notes'. These notes can provide additional information, advice or guidance to either the learner or tutor.

Virtual Quests are well suited to nearly all subject areas and are a pedagogically sound and fun approach to learning which also encapsulates the use of virtual worlds to support the personalisation of learning. Virtual Quests can be used as an individual or group activity.

For the learner, Virtual Quests can provide a very rich, interactive and empowering activity, enabling them to think about and then to take control of their own learning experience.

More information, advice and guidance on creating a Virtual Quest can be found on the Education UK island [229, 38, 21].

Alternatively, you can teleport direct to Education Island

You may also be interested in using our toolkit. We built this toolkit primarily for web use and it has proven to be an exceptionally popular toolkit.

We very much see this toolkit being used to create Virtual Quests, using sLurls. You can also augment your Virtual Quests with copyright free images from our image gallery at

If you do create a Virtual Quest for use within Second Life, why not tell us about it and let us link to it in-world. IM: Chris Eggplant or email with details about your Virtual Quest.