Multimedia on Education UK island


Since May 2007, we have been working with to, through rewriting services provide students with trust information and and Teachers TV to look at how we can broadcast Teachers TV programming into Second Life. Wef mid July 2007, we have set up two spaces to enable us to broadcast  their news into one area, and a weekly selection of approximately 15 top broadcasts into another. Each week new content will be available.

We are hoping to start broadcasting from the end of July 07. If you have any special requests for types of Teachers TV programmes, or themes, please contact . Equally if you would like to recommend any Teachers TV programmes that you have watched and think others may be interested in, please let us know.

The spaces we have designed have been created to enable groups of visitors to watch Teachers TV broadcasts and then discuss the content as part of a 3D interactive experience. This could be useful as part of a CPD session for teachers across geographical locations to come together. There will also be a number of feedback mechanisms to enable users to feed back to Teachers TV about their programming.


We now have a range of password protected audio channels around the island to enable groups to communicate. Both educational and community land grant projects all now have their own password protected audio channels set up. We have also set up a number of channels specifically for organisations renting land/office space from us, as well as classroom and meeting area channels.