Renting Office Space

Are you a bona fide UK educational organisation?

It is necessary to understand that some conceptual points should be explained face to face with students, and therefore, shouldn't forget about such organizational points as renting a room. Thus, having visual contact with students and getting theoretical help from at you will be able to convey the required materials better.

We are currently offering a limited number of office space and land in prime locations within the Education UK island. Rents start from just $1000 Linden Dollars a week [that’s just 2 quid a week!].

You can furnish the space as you want, within the allowed prim allocation. The big advantage is that you will be located within the heart of the UK Second Life educational community and will be able to use the island facilities.

Visit education UK island or if you would like an informal chat, IM Susan Williams in-world, or email: .