Art & Design Gallery

Education UK Island includes an art and design gallery which has been created to enable practitioners and learners to exhibit their work in Second Life free of charge.

These displays could be anything from watercolour paintings and photography, to pottery, clothes design, sculptures, flower arranging or interactive art installations. The only constraint is your imagination. The gallery also offers opportunities for students of exhibition design to develop and trial exhibitions and display stands for events.

We wish to explore the concept of SL as a medium to promote discussion and appreciation of art and whether a 3d virtual environment could provide opportunities for geographically distanced peer assessment and review.

We are offering free space on Education UK Island to display work within the art gallery, smaller empty office spaces or open areas.

We are happy to work with participants to set up exhibitions. We would anticipate exhibitions to run for at least 3 months, dependant on interest. Available floor space is negotiable.

For more detailed information and an application form, please download the two forms below

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