Booking Resources

We are currently testing an online booking system for resources on Education UK island:

Resources currently include many rooms and areas where you can study and practice skills, and engage to buy book report and do homework.

  • Amphitheatre conference area
    • Ample seating for up to 40 avatars.
    • Password protected audio channel.
    • Streaming audio and video.
    • Display images [for ppt presentation].
  • Classroom one
    • Seating for 19 avatars with hand up / hand down script.
    • Chat logger.
    • Password protected audio channel.
    • Metalab Whiteboard [for ppt presentations].
    • Metalab Whiteboard tools [with instructions].
  • AquaMoot area [AquaPods one and two]
    • Each AquaPod has seating for up to 14 avatars with hand up / hand down script.
    • Each AquaPod has its own password protected audio channel.
  • Spectator meeting area
    • Just a place to hang out and chat, whilst having a view over the sandbox.

We are currently defining our policy in relation to who is eligible to book resources. We anticipate a sliding scale ranging from free to educational land grant projects on the island, through to costs for consultants wishing to utilise resources.

 More information will be posted in due course. 

You can check out the booking system at: