Virtual Conference Area

Within Second Life, we now have probably one of the largest and most accessible conference areas. Designed as an open ampitheatre, it has been designed as a space to enable the UK educational community to hold virtual events, conferences, debates and seminars. Specialists will help you prepare for these events. Thanks to this collaboration, you will be able to outline the boundaries of the studied subject, highlight the goal and methodology, as well as get exam takers for hire to objectively check students' knowledge.

These could range from educational conferences, to concerts, Shakespeare or even a fireworks display. The limitation of the space is restricted by your own imagination! We are currently looking at what technology we need in this space, but certainly a multimedia capability to display images, presentations and play audio and video is a pre-requisite.

 We have also installed a dedicated 'conference' password protected audio channel, using our Ventrillo audio system, which means that presenters and delegates at events have their own audio channel. If you would like to use this space, IM in-world: Chris Eggplant, or use our website contact form.

Visit the Conference Area